Welcome to the International Plan!

Companies are increasingly looking to hire graduates who are able to:

  • Recognize how their discipline is practiced in an international context.
  • Function effectively in multinational work environments.
  • Assimilate comfortably into different world cultures.
  • Assimilate easily into diverse communities and work environments.
What is the International Plan?

Today's students understand that international study, research, and work experience will better prepare them for a rewarding life and career. Thus, Georgia Tech's International Plan offers a unique program giving them the professional edge they need in our increasingly competitive world.

The International Plan is a challenging four-year program that works in tandem with an undergraduate's academic curriculum to produce globally competent citizens. The program utilizes existing study, work, and research abroad opportunities to help students fulfill their requirements. Successful completion of the program results in a special "International Plan" designation on the Georgia Tech degree and transcript.

The Program Requirements page contains all the details about the program, and if you have questions, feel free to contact us at the Office of International Education.