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Each International Plan major at Georgia Tech has integrated international studies, language acquisition, and overseas experience into the traditional Bachelor of Science degree in a way that works best for that specific discipline. To earn the designator, students must:

  • Develop proficiency in a language other than English
  • Complete a minimum of 26 weeks of coherent international experience
  • Complete three globally-oriented courses, plus a capstone in the major
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 overall

Click here for a comparison of previous regulations versus new "IP 2.0" regulations.

Click here for a self-audit checklist for completing the IP.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be undergraduate degree-seeking Tech students in one of the participating majors.
  • Students must submit an application via the International Plan Web site. Notification of acceptance will be communicated via the student's Georgia Tech e-mail address.
  • Have a 2.7 GPA (no GPA requirement for first-semester freshmen), and maintain a 2.7 GPA throughout the program.  2.7 required to graduate with the IP.


The IP is designed to give students a deep understanding of another culture so that they develop strong intercultural skills that will help them function effectively in a global environment.  Students are encouraged to think strategically about their academic and international experience choices.  Some majors encourage students to choose experiences that are culturally and/or linguistically coherent, while others encourage students to think of the intellectual coherence of their plan so that they can gain a comparative perspective of their field of study.  Coherence, as defined by the International Plan... (click here for more details)

Language Requirements & Optional Language Distinction

All International Plan participants must develop proficiency in a language other than English through the 2002-level or equivalent. All students have the option to develop deeper proficiency in the language and obtain national certification in their language of choice and an extra distinction on their transcript (see Designations section).  With some exceptions, the language chosen to fulfill this requirement should be consistent with the country or region in which the student plans to fulfill the twenty-six week requirement. Any variance will require approval from the IP faculty representative and the IP Committee. For complete details on how to fulfill the language requirement and the proficiency certification & designator option, visit the language requirements page.

Globally-Focused Coursework

Included in the Georgia Tech Catalog, International Plan students must complete a core set of courses that address international issues and transcend the student's major. It is advised that these courses be taken prior to or while abroad but not after the twenty-six week international experience. The courses must be credit bearing and be taken for a letter grade.  AP credit cannot count toward this requirement. Courses include:

  •     One course focused on international relations historically and theoretically.
  •     One course that provides a historical and theoretical understanding of the global economy.
  •     One course that provides familiarity with an area of the world or a country that allows them to make systematic comparisons with their own society and culture. This course should be directly relevant (coherent) to the international context of the overseas experience.
  •    An IP capstone course that allows IP students to integrate their International Plan experiences into their discipline.

A list of courses approved to fulfill the areas noted above is available in the Georgia Tech Catalog. Taking the globally-oriented courses should not add time to earning a Georgia Tech degree.  IP students should choose courses from the IP-approved list to fulfill their major's social sciences, humanities, and/or electives requirements, thereby completing their major's requirements and IP requirements simultaneously.  AP credit may not be used to fulfill these course requirements.

International Experiences

Students must complete within two terms a minimum of twenty-six weeks of active engagement abroad (studying, working, and/or researching) on Georgia Tech-sponsored international programs.  Though these terms need not be done consecutively, they must demonstrate linguistic, cultural, and/or intellectual coherence. (For more information on coherence, please visit:

All international plans are subject to approval by the major IP faculty representative, the International Plan Coordinator, and, where applicable, a Work Abroad advisor in the Division of Professional Practice and/or the IP faculty representative of School of Modern Languages.  Student's wishing their international experiences to count toward this requirement must complete and submit as directed the International Experiences Approval Form prior to departing for their term(s) abroad.

Students wishing to complete the international experience requirements with a non-Georgia Tech sponsored program may do so with the approval of the IP committee. Complete and submit as directed the International Plan Petitions Form.

Registration requirement while abroad

Students must be registered at Georgia Tech during their terms abroad, including for work and research terms. In addition to registering for the program specific courses, IP students will register for one of the following IP courses in the semester(s) they are abroad in fulfillment of the twenty-six week requirement:

  • IPFS 3012 (if going abroad on exchange)
  • IPSA 3012 (if going abroad on faculty-led group program)
  • IPCO 3011 (if going abroad on co-op)
  • IPIN 3011 (if going abroad for internship)

Permits will be provided in time for Phase I registration if you have been approved for your chosen international program. It is important to register for the appropriate course in a timely manner if you want your term abroad to count toward your twenty-six week requirement.

Summer programs
  • Only one summer program may count toward the international experience. Note that a summer program plus a semester abroad may not add up to twenty-six weeks, so check with your abroad advisor on the length of the programs.

  • Bridges: Students may choose to follow a summer faculty-led study abroad (FLSA) experience with a fall immersion semester on exchange or internship. If a time lapse between two consecutive terms occurs, students may request permission to "bridge" the two terms with appropriate structured time (generally consisting of an independent research project overseen by a GT faculty member) in the same host country or linguistic region. Bridges may only be created in conjunction with FLSA programs, are available at the discretion of the FLSA program director, and must be approved by the student's IP faculty representative. Students should plan far in advance if they desire to do a bridge and speak with the program director/coordinator of the FLSA program.

Capstone Course

The purpose of a degree-long International Plan is to provide students the opportunity to study, experience, and reflect on international issues throughout their undergraduate studies. The capstone course integrates the unique perspective that students have gained from their international experiences back into their major.  The IP capstone is generally the same senior design or senior seminar course required for the major, but with the chance to bring international skills and knowledge into the project.  Approved capstone courses are listed on the GT Course Catalog, and students are encouraged to talk to their IP Faculty Representative for details about the specific capstone requirements for their major.

Graduation & Designations

As you get ready to petition to graduate, be sure to also complete an an IP Degree Designation form. Upon successfully completing the requirements for the undergraduate degree in your major and the IP requirements, your diploma and transcript will read one of the following, depending on which language option you pursue:

Bachelor of Science [major]
International Plan


Bachelor of Science [major]
International Plan, Language Proficiency

("Language Proficiency" on transcript only)

When you complete the requirements for the undergraduate degree in your major and the IP requirements, the significance of your international preparation in your chosen field will be more apparent to future employers.